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Whether you are new to TACOMA HEALTH or an established patient, we understand that many of you have important questions that need to be answered. We have carefully composed a list of our patients' most frequently asked questions about all topics regarding being a patient here at TACOMA HEALTH. Please take a moment to carefully read over these questions and see if your inquiry may be in the answers provided.

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Trilium Health Testimonials

Read what patients are saying about TRILIUM HEALTH:

I want to let you know that the potassium vegetable juice that you introduced to my diet 7 months ago has radically changed my immune system. I haven’t been sick since then and I have the energy to work and swim 2/3 times a week. It also feels great to be able to moderately eat and drink things I couldn’t before. Thank you so much. You may be the only doctor that I trusted in my life. In the past I always tried to stay away from them. Again many thanks.
A.M. Olympia, WA

This is just a little note to express my sincere appreciation for the most outstanding treatment I have ever received! Thank you also to your office staff (especially Sarah and Melissa) for always providing superb customer service!
K.E. Dupont, WA

“All I have to say is this, straight and simple… Dr. Iverson and his staff are TOP NOTCH!!! I have been to many health professionals and never have been received with such kindness and focused attention.”
D.J. Seattle, WA

“I strongly suggest Dr. Iverson's entire colon cleanse (Medicinas San Andres) to anyone who feels sluggish and tired or feels a general malaise throughout his or her day. I had the need to drink coffee and energy drinks to get me through the mornings and afternoons. I had the urge to indulge in big meals and then felt worse after I ate. Dr. Iverson's cleanse, working in combination with individualized tips and pointers, allowed me to feel lighter on my feet, energetic and focused from the moment I wake in the morning!”
J.P. Scottsdale, AZ

"I have lived the majority of my life eating very unhealthy and unnatural foods. However, after my medical visit with you, I realized that I may be causing harm that I wasn’t able to see such as the breakdown of my teeth and bones. I knew that changing my diet would be difficult for someone like me. My taste buds desired foods that were highly flavored. All I wanted to eat was fast food. I was simply addicted to it."
D.H. Lacey, WA

“After years of coping with my heart burn, I was so pleasantly surprised that after one treatment recommended by Dr. Iverson my symptoms went away. The supplements he suggested started to work almost immediately, and since it was such a natural remedy I also felt safe taking it.”
J.S. Seattle, WA

“I have been struggling against addiction for most of my life. Addictions to sugar like chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, and junk food. Dr. Iverson put together a program for me based on my own personal chemistry. Although it was difficult at first, I have gained new clarity and energy unlike I had from the all the sugar I depended on. I am still smoking, but down to only 3 cigarettes a day, compared to a half pack from before.”
L.C. Lakewood, WA

“The pain in my joints was at times so intense it impacted how I was able to work and enjoy life. I was referred by a family member that had great success in relieving their chronic allergies and they were pleased to also lose a considerable amount of weight. My chemistry indicated I was in a state of inflammation. After a few weeks my hands have full mobility and strength, something I had almost forgotten about!”
S.B. Tacoma, WA

“My wife and I were both in trouble. We had elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars. Thankfully, Dr. Iverson is the kind of doctor that saw the problems that awaited us before they became destructive. He urged us to be proactive and change our lives. WE DID…three months later we have lab tests that are optimal and I am telling everyone!”
B.B. Yelm, WA

“First of all, I want to say that I am so thankful and feel blessed and guided to have come upon TRILIUM HEALTH and Dr. Iverson. I was having such fatigue from insomnia and female related problems. After our first appointment we discovered together that the source was really nothing physical but a complete response to stress in my work and home life. Just being aware of that I was able to change the way I was responding to my environment. Now, I’m sleeping like a baby and waking up ready to GO!”
E. F. Tacoma, WA

"My entire life I have been constipated having just one bowel movement every 3-4 days. Within one week I became regular having daily bowel movements. Besides this I noticed I did not have heartburn after eating anymore. People at work started to tell me that my body looked tone and my skin was clearer than they ever remember. I was in a better mood too. I’m not sure if that was because I was receiving so many compliments or I was having better brain chemistry."
D.H. Auburn, WA

“The medications I was on were extensive; mostly medications for depression, anxiety, and insomnia. I never really thought I could be having hormonal imbalances in my 40’s. Sure enough, with the proper diet and the addition of nutritional supplements and hormone support, I am off ALL meds and feeling better than I have in YEARS!”
K.G. Spanaway, WA

“I’ve always struggled with my weight. I have tried most diets and although I do well in the beginning, I usually end up returning back to my old ways. In my first appointment with Dr. Iverson we uncovered WHY it is I keep returning to food for my comfort. Instead of talking about diet, we talked about how to heal the pain that was associated with this addiction. Taking little steps and introducing one element every few weeks I am becoming healthier in my mind and body. It was through AWARENESS of why I was returning to food that I have made such success. So far I am down more than 25 pounds after 3 months!”
M. B. Rainier, WA

“Being diagnosed with Hepatitis C was something I thought I could never endure. I have never been one to take medications and was afraid of the conventional treatments. Dr. Iverson created a program that allowed me to handle the medications better and I feel they were essential in helping my body come into remission.”
N. C. Tumwater, WA

“WOW! So much easier than I ever thought it would be! I have been on medications most of my life for allergies and I dreaded each change of season. Now, with the help of TRILIUM, I am medication free and breathing through my NOSE!”
F.W. Auburn, WA

“I have been to multiple naturopaths in the past. I really have a strong belief in Natural Medicine and use it whole-heartedly. I was so impressed that Dr. Iverson actually took me OFF my supplements I had been taking and put me on a FOOD PROGRAM that completely balanced by chemistry. I am feeling more energy than I have in years without taking 10-15 supplements every day.”
G.G. Aberdeen, WA

“Dr. Iverson takes care of our whole family. Beyond the benefits we have felt on the programs, it is the cheerful energy, focused attention, and being treated as a person that is called by a name that means the most to us.”
A. K. Yelm, WA

"After just a week now, I am shocked at how my body is responding. Now, I am waking up every morning before my alarm clock sounds. Amazingly I am even doing this if I only had five hours of sleep the night before. To think that at one time I was seriously considering seeing a therapist because I thought I must be depressed. Just by changing my diet, I realized that I was not depressed at all. I was poisoning myself with processed food!"
D.H. Lacey, WA

“I think I spent more time peeing all night than sleeping—I was beside myself. I hate knives and drugs and thought it was going to be my last resort because my prostate was causing such problems for my well-being. I can’t believe that within two weeks I was getting up only twice per night, from 6 or more times prior to meeting Dr. Iverson. Thanks for the deserved rest Doc!”
S.G. Centralia, WA

“No one knew what was wrong with me. I had debilitating pain in my back and neck. I was having diarrhea at the most inconvenient times and felt myself tumbling into depression. The activities that at one time had given such pleasure became so painful that I had lost all joy in my life. I left the office thinking Dr. Iverson must really be off his rocker to think that these were all caused from the grief I was experiencing with the loss of family members in my life. Interestingly, following his advice for diet and mind-body wellness, I had significant improvement in just one week. Several months later I can say that every single symptom is GONE! Once in a while when it wants to creep in I just put focus on the stressors in my life and like magic…I am well again.”
W.F. Puyallup, WA

“I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that the doctors had said my only option was to be on prednisone for the rest of my life! We did the several tests and found an imbalance in my chemistry, some food allergies, and toxicity to several chemicals including heavy metals. After an intensive change in my diet and focused cleansing protocols, it is as if the veil has lifted. I no longer have the symptoms associated with the disease I was diagnosed and best yet—I was able to get off the prednisone!
N.D. Tacoma, WA

“I came in solely to lose more weight. Well, not only am I back to my optimal weight, but I never believed that my chronic constipation and fungal infections would clear too!! YES!!”
S.R. Federal Way, WA

“My son was in a terrible state with hives all over his body that were causing him to itch and have great anxiety. The only answer from the dermatologist was more drugs. It was so relieving how quickly the natural treatments worked! Dr. Iverson pin-pointed the hives to a stress reaction he had to final exams in school. Emphasizing that stress was the cause and working on a few nutritional changes, he hasn’t had another outbreak. Better yet, his attitude is much more positive, it’s like he’s a new kid!”
J.S. Eatonville, WA

“My husband and I have been to many of the finest doctors, near and far, home and abroad. While we have been fortunate in finding exceptional practitioners, Dr. Iverson is the only that we have found who provides individualized dietary plans for treating illness and sustaining wellness.”
J.N. Lakewood, WA

“I have three beautiful daughters. Their father died of cancer 5 years ago, he was only 42. My girls were 11, 13 and 15. They were all having their own health issues and pain from losing their father....Dr. Iverson met with and treated me and each child individually, with great care and love. Our improvements were incredible in only a few visits. We are now thinking clearer. We have more energy,. We enjoy making healthy meals together and just being together is better...all're doing great!!! My girls and I love, trust and admire Dr. Iverson...He's a smart, dedicated, hard working doctor, with a BIG heart.”
N. F. Olympia, WA

“After having blood work that revealed cholesterol at 342 and blood sugar at 120, I was told that I better lower the cholesterol by my medical doctor whom suggested medication. I tried on my own but did not know what to eat. Three months later, after visiting Dr. Iverson my blood work was retested and the cholesterol was 206 and blood sugar was 92. Thank you for your good wok and very caring attitude. I will be forever grateful!”
M.K. Yelm, WA

“I just want to thank all of you for being so nice and helpful. I’m so grateful for Dr. Iverson and his staff!”
L.L. Puyallup, WA

“Since I have seen Dr. Iverson my energy level and mood have improved dramatically! I used to be tired all the time, depressed and sad. I no longer have cold hands and feet, and as an added benefit I have lost pounds and inches I had been struggling with for years! “
P.K. Yelm, WA

“On entering the office of Dr. Iverson and TRILIUM Health I felt a calm and gentle energy. Dr. Iverson was attentive to my needs and concerns; I felt I was listened to and that my time was important to him, rather than the feeling of being rushed. The staff was very caring and attentive, warm and loving. Everything was explained simply and in great detail. I am very grateful for this experience and highly recommend Dr. Iverson and his staff to others.”
S.A. Gig Harbor, WA

Words cannot express my gratitude to you and our practice for restoring my optimal level of health and well being! You listened, believed me (even with the womanly issues), and furthermore you were able to resolve, not mask, my symptoms!
K.D. Dupont, WA

“My whole experience with Dr. Iverson was very professional and thorough. I was very pleased with my treatments and I learned a great deal about how to care for my own health and pay attention to the important matters of elimination, detoxification, and fasting.”
N.J. Tacoma, WA

“I have been seeing Dr. Iverson since 1995, shortly after a bout with kidney stones at 23 years old. After a chemistry test, and cleansing I have been back on track and it’s been a blessing ever since! After having children my menstrual cycle became very painful. Dr. Iverson identified that my chemistry was out of balance and needed some support. The next menstrual cycle came with NO PAIN whatsoever!! This boy’s a genius!”
H.R. Sumner, WA

“I experience Dr. Iverson’s approach to looking at the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit for total well being. Because of his concern for me, the patient, and his understanding of health care, he is able to direct my personal healing journey.”
OGO, Tacoma WA

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Special people come into our lives when need them most—a nurse told me about Dr. Iverson. Within 3 days I noticed a difference in my energy level, clarity of mind and my spirit was lighter. Dr. Iverson and his office help Sarah gave positive encouragement and recommended reading materials which lead to an incredible journey allowing me to experience the gifts of my illness. I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Iverson and Sarah for their care and support. Learning to live with uncertainty is peaceful when your body, mind and spirit function properly. Illness can bring suffering to people’s lives, and fortunately for me, choosing TRILIUM Health allows me to experience gratitude and move forward to better health.”
G.F. Puyallup, WA

"Every new day I feel I am becoming stronger and healthier. I am sleeping more soundly and I recall my dreams more often than I ever have. I have energy that lasts throughout the whole day. My mind is clear and focused and I am motivated to complete my next project. And can you believe it; I no longer have a craving for my favorite fast food burger anymore?"
D.H. Auburn, WA

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful care I have received from you, Dr. Iverson and your staff. Words cannot even express how grateful I am. When I first came to your clinic I was experiencing very high blood pressure, digestive complaints, weight issues, veins in my fingers were bursting, as well as anxiety attacks. I was also unaware at the time I was also pre-diabetic and had a fatty liver. It was the middle of Devember 2009 when I first became your patient, as of the middle of March 2010 these conditions (symptoms) are all coming under control, especially the fatty liver and pre-diabetic condition.
M.VL., Tacoma, WA

“I’m really happy I did the cleanse recommended by Dr. Iverson. I feel much lighter, cleaner, and more comfortable in my body! I’ve had lots of people comment on how healthy I look and how I have a “GLOW” about me!”
E.M. Scottsdale, AZ

“When I first saw Dr. Iverson a year ago he warned that I was heading towards becoming a diabetic. By making simple changes in my diet I am now at a glucose level of 92. The staff is so personable and caring that it is a pleasure to be a patient!”
C.W. Yuma AZ

“In early 2005 I was suffering from severe chronic fatigue, confusion, memory problems, considerable weight gain, chronic pain, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It seemed my health was in a downward spiral. I saw medical doctors and they insisted I must be depressed and tried to put me on Prozac, as well as high blood pressure and cholesterol medications. I declined and headed straight to the Naturopathic Doctor I had heard so much about, Dr. Iverson. After 5 minutes of meeting me Dr. Iverson knew the underlying cause of many of my symptoms was sleep apnea. I did the proper studies and within one week I was a new person! The fatigue, confusion and memory problems were virtually gone. But, I still had the weight, pain and other imbalances that stemmed from it. I jumped at the chance to attend one of Dr. Iverson’s Water Fasting Retreats and could hardly wait, knowing that I didn’t want the dreaded Rx pad. Contrary to what you’d think, fasting on water alone wasn’t difficult at all. In fact, it was an enlightening and powerful experience. It was a huge spring board to better health. Once home I found I had more clarity and energy than I’d had in years. Best of all—I made a significant progress in my weight, blood pressure and cholesterol. And my chronic pain is totally gone!!!
Before the fast my Total Cholesterol was 234, LDL Cholesterol was 157 and Blood Pressure was 185/90. Now, my Total Cholesterol is 191, LDL Cholesterol is 132 and Blood Pressure is 138/74.
I’m on my way to optimal health, thanks to Dr. Iverson!”
S.G. Gig Harbor, WA

“It’s SO NICE to have a doctor who takes the TIME to REALLY CARE about my whole person. Dr. Iverson treats ALL aspects of my health issues- physical, emotional, mental, and YES spiritual! He listens. We share ideas. My health gets better and better.”
C.N. Graham, WA

"I just can’t believe I have dealt with these symptoms for so many years and the doctors had no answer for a kid that was tired all day and couldn’t get out of bed. I just can’t believe it was really as easy as changing my diet to Nature’s foods. My life is so different now and it makes me happier than words can explain. I can’t thank you enough. Please share this so others that are suffering with what I have suffered with can be helped."
D.H. Lacey , WA

I feel wonderful and am full of energy virtually every day. My stomach is calm, my emotions are stable, my elimination is good, and I sleep great every night. The consistent level f health (great) I am experiencing seems too good to be true. By the way, I have lost 10 lbs—a great side benefit! I have quite a bit more to lose, however, I am more than confident will be able to now achieve my goal.
M.VL. , Tacoma, WA

“I arrived at TRILIUM 3 months prior with the knowledge that traditional medicine didn’t have all the answers. I have lost, I mean, disposed of 39 pounds and 10 inches off my waist since my first visit! Also, I no longer require Tylenol PM and caffeine to function. Thank you for your help in finding the missing links.”
O.B. Spokane, WA

“It is my good fortune to have experienced the care of Dr. Iverson. Prior, I felt that my health and well being was slowly deteriorating through a combination of poor personal habits, a diet consisting of whatever and whenever, high doses of caffeine, sugar, salt combined with lack of exercise, poor sleep and having a very stressful job. My first visit with Dr. Iverson not only gave me hope for all-over improvement, but he convinced me I could do so without a great deal of pressure. Following Dr. Iverson’s changes to my diet along with increase in water caused me to lose a noticeable amount of weight and my general face color (blotchy and beet red) improved to the point where co-workers had noticed. My lab results have also improved greatly. Dr. Iverson and TRILIUM Health is one of life’s bargains that far too take advantage of. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Iverson has made significant improvement in my health and well being.”
C.L. Tenino, WA

My immediate response: VERY ABLE, VERY THOUGHTFUL! Many other thoughts come to mind although I can add this: complete, accurate, thorough, perceptive… ALL INCLUSIVE…and the ability to understand the problem to be solved and come up with the right steps to solve the condition in a speedy pleasant manner
T.N. Graham WA

Dr. Iverson is “cutting edge” as well as being an inexhaustible resource for other disciplines! My life at all levels has been enhanced by my association with our meetings. He is truly a “Healer.”
K.G. Tacoma, WA

“I started coming to Dr. Iverson because of my constant sinus infections. Dr. Iverson really listened to my situation and helped me get to the bottom of this. He prescribed some supplements and gave me an eating plan to help my immune system and avoid any allergens. I followed exactly what he said and my sinus infections cleared up. I wasn’t stuffy for the first time in two years and felt great!!”
J.W. Puyallup, WA

“I was frustrated with my allergies and all the various diets out there, but Dr. Iverson gave me a simple answer; eat according to my metabolic type and avoid the foods I’m allergic to. He also helped me with normalizing my blood pressure, which two medical doctors had no suggestion. His treatments have also helped with my digestion—no more constipation! I love and believe in the tenants Dr. Iverson follows: NO HARM, look at the WHOLE PERSON, look for and treat the CAUSE of the symptoms, PREVENT illness with healthy habits, allow NATURE and the body to heal itself, and to TEACH the patient how to keep themselves healthy and balanced.”
J.S. Olympia, WA

I had the honor of visiting TRILIUM as a new patient and my experience was what I have dreamed a healing center to be like. I was warmly greeted with gentleness, hear felt caring and tenderness. Dr. Iverson’s knowledge and experience is amazing for such a young man. He has the ability to really listen and he knew things about myself that I didn’t even tell him! I am grateful to Andrew and Sarah and staff for creating such a nurturing atmosphere!
S.A. Gig Harbor WA

"My husband is becoming annoyed with me! He says I have too much energy and get him up too early. I never felt this good in my life!"
F. T. Parkland, WA

"Since menopause my life came tumbling down. I felt like I was being swallowed by a dark cloud. I came to Dr. Iverson seeking an answer with bio-identical hormones. He showed that my body was actually lacking nutrition. After changing the diet and boosting my minerals I am feeling back to my youthful self. We did this without having to use the hormones after all!"
C.K. Milton, WA

“I completed Dr. Iverson’s specialized liver and bowel cleanse. At first it seemed like a lot to do but after a couple days it was simple and I felt fantastic! Dr. Iverson and staff have been so wonderful to work with. They really care about my individual situation and Dr. Iverson has given me a great start and the tools for a healthy lifestyle.”
W.J Puyallup, WA

I’ve had high blood pressure with readings of 210/110 since I was 16 and now I’m 33 years old. I’ve been to other doctors who reluctantly prescribed medication with very little efforts to try to make an attempt to figure out why I was having high blood pressure. Dr. Iverson is enthusiastic in this regard! He works with the whole body health and is more than willing to try specific tests to help narrow the cause. Most of all he listens and treats you like an individual. My blood pressure is now at 124/85.
K.F. Yelm, WA

“Since working with Dr. Iverson I am feeling healthier, lighter and generally better all around. His nutritional guidance, counseling skills, and service are of the highest level imaginable. He’s helped identify my daughter’s food allergies without drugs or antibiotics. Dr. Iverson’s cleansing protocol resulted in great colonics; I really felt flushed out of everything that had been dragging me down. I prefer using the product line ‘Medicinas San Andres’, which Dr. Iverson has developed, and all the other professional products he carries in his office. His lines are pure, effective and of the highest quality.”
M.G. Gig Harbor, WA

“Several years ago I was on a very popular diet, but I felt like I was going to die—literally! Dr. Iverson put me on a specific diet for my chemistry and I immediately felt better. He and his staff have completely changed my views on “natural health”. I have put my trust in Dr. Iverson and have referred many friends, family and co-workers. The best way I can describe TRILIUM Health is that I LOVE IT!”
S.G. Gig Harbor, WA

“After our first visit to Dr. Iverson we knew we had finally found the intuitive doctor for whom we had been searching for years. We are in our late 50’s and suffering with pain, exhaustion, allergies and more. We have wasted hundreds on medical treatments and supplements that did not help. Dr. Iverson’s metabolic testing is amazing—no more guessing!! We have embarked on this health journey as a husband-and-wife team, and we can honestly say we enjoy eating healthy organic foods and not even sugar is a temptation! After only a few months our energy has increased dramatically; no more mid-day slump. Pain issues are manageable, moods and emotions have normalized. Sinus and allergy problems are no longer issues. “Between the two of us we have lost over 40 lbs!! Our skin is soft and blemishes are disappearing. Walking several miles is easy now. Our sleep patterns have greatly improved. We have completed Dr. Iverson’s liver cleanse twice and found the results ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING! We have no doubt that Dr. Iverson’s guidance has added many QUALITY years to our life.”
H.S.S. Seattle, WA

“I have spent the past 48 years searching for good health. Since being a teenager I have paid for all kinds of tests, books, spas, doctors, etc to help me with the energy crashes I’ve always experienced. I finally found Dr. Iverson and he recommended several things to put my body back in balance and on the path to health. My diet has changed, my energy level is steady, I’ve lost 30lbs, and my thinking is clear as a bell!! What a blessing! I wish Dr. Iverson had been born 70 years ago—my life would be very different.”
N.F. Gig Harbor, WA

“The experience I had during Dr. Iverson’s Water Fasting Retreat out at Lake Quinault Resort was one of the best things I could’ve done for myself. The speakers he brought in and the information he gave about bringing the body back to health was just what I needed to hear and very informative. My digestive system has improved and I know how to better prepare foods for myself. I can’t wait to do more cleansing!”
B.W. Grayland, WA

“Dr. Iverson is an amazing, genuine, knowledgeable, and compassionate person, and a doctor who’s also a teacher and practices what he preaches.”
J.S. Olympia, WA

So again, thank you Dr. Iverson for your wisdom and expertise in natural healthcare and for you’re guiding me to my current level of health. I also so appreciate your kind, affirming words. I also want to thank your wonderful, efficient staff. You’re the best!
M.VL. , Tacoma, WA

“Dr. Iverson is at the CUTTING EDGE of health and wellness! Prior to Dr. Iverson, I had spent twelve years and thousands of dollars trying to find the cause and cure for my pain and malaise. His metabolic testing and recommended supplements and dietary changes resolved what the previous twelve years of knocking on traditional medicine’s doors could not! The changes are remarkable! I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Iverson and his naturopathic practice.”
K.G. Gig Harbor, WA

“I am 65 years old and no stranger to daily stress and its effects upon my body and mind. I became interested in Dr. Iverson’s work in enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself through dietary change, specific cleanses, colonics, modified fasting and water fasting. The experience I gained from Dr. Iverson’s cleansing programs was one of enormous enhanced physical energy and mental awareness. I have been illness free and still have that amazing amount of energy and endurance since the first cleanse. I am thoroughly convinced Dr. Iverson’s theory and approach to healing the body and energizing my spirit through his well founded cleansing modalities has immensely enhanced the quality of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend those seeking relief from age related chronic illness to not delay taking advantage of Dr. Iverson’s healing wisdom.”
W.G. Tacoma, WA

"I like Dr Andy because he made my tongue feel better!".
X.R, 5 yrs old

"Our son had been suffering from multiple painful canker sores and belly aches. After Dr Iverson's examination and a food allergy test, we found out our son was highly allergic to wheat, dairy and garlic of all things! With the advice of 'Dr Andy's' suggestions and help our boy has not had a canker sore or belly ache since changing his diet!!"
H.R. Graham WA

“Thank-you so very much for making my first visit such a positive experience. I know that I will be well again in capable hands. I look forward to my next visit.”
D.W. Puyallup, WA

“Thank you for the OUTSTANDING care. I am amazed at how much better I am feeling all around already! I sure appreciate you and the care you give. I look forward to seeing you again for a retest and update.”
C.G. Tacoma, WA

“I really just can’t thank you enough. Life’s been marvelous and full of bridges! I’ve lost 20+ lbs by EATING!! I’m following your dietary guidelines and I’m really REALLY happy with the results. I look forward to checking in with you again at my next appointment. Thanks again for your care.”
A.M. Tacoma, WA

“We have to thank-you for your continued care, concern, guidance and expertise. Once again you’ve done everything you can to address our health issues. Your promptness helped our worry factor and we appreciate you and your staff immensely.”
V.S. Tacoma, WA

“I am Andrew’s old friend and saw him since his early days of studying natural medicine. Truly I am blown away by his work! I had a strained back from lifting and in one treatment he realigned it and brought me immediate relief. It didn’t stop there, he even gave me exercises and stretches to do at home so I wouldn’t have to come back for more treatments. I am thankful for all the help he offers. “
A.D. Rainier, WA

“Every day at work people are doing double takes! I have lost twenty pounds over the last three months and still dropping! I initially came in to the clinic for my painful periods, headaches, and insomnia. I’m pleased to say that those symptoms have completely cleared and I have been left with the side benefit of a new thin body!”
A.Z. Dupont, WA

“For the first time in 10 years I am off my insulin injections for diabetes. Dr. Iverson created a food program based on my personal chemistry and I have been diligently following it. I had to return to my endocrinologist to lower my doses of medicine and completely eliminate the insulin because my blood sugars have improved so much. I have lost 11 pounds and it hasn’t even been a month since starting the program! I can’t wait to see what is next!”
C.C. Salem, OR

“I was skeptical at first, I hadn’t ever been to any doctor outside of my family MD. When I was told there was nothing more that could be done for my condition (I have an autoimmune disease) I knew I had to try something else. I did a search on the internet and was pleasantly surprised to find a naturopathic physician with such an impressive website and credentials as Dr. Iverson. After our first appointment, he prescribed a protocol that I followed faithfully. Within as little as a week I started noticing improvement with my skin blemishes and needed to use less medication. Now, a month later, the condition is considerably improved and I am using the medication in very low doses and some days not at all. I don’t feel that this condition is running my life anymore. Thanks to TRILIUM HEALTH for their focused attention.”
M.K. Bremerton, WA

“Back pain and neck pain have debilitated the last 8 years of my life. I have seen multiple other practitioners for this condition. I had chiropractic therapy, massage, acupuncture, and used medications with little relief. Dr. Iverson identified a source of my back pain that I have never ever heard of before. His suggestions unbelievingly changed my state of pain within ONE DAY. The pain that I had lived with daily for 8 years had almost completely disappeared within one week of therapy. I am completely overjoyed and telling everyone I know that has pain.”
P.J. Olympia, WA

“I should have done this a LONG time ago! I had elevated cholesterol, elevated BP, elevated CRP, and elevated homocysteine- I was a walking time bomb! Today my values are coming back to a healthier range, my energy is increasing, and I have lost 12 pounds in the process. I know that what I did with TRILIUM has saved my life.”
W.P. Vancouver, WA

“Hot flashes were ruining my life. My memory was shot and I felt anxiety daily. I sought Dr. Iverson for bio-identical hormones for my symptoms. Amazingly, he didn’t even need to prescribe them after all. All I did was change my diet and supplement several nutrients. Now all I have is a mild warm flush occasionally. My energy feels balanced and the memory is slowly coming back. Thanks Dr. I !”
S.S. Ocean Shores, WA

“I am a recovering alcoholic. Dr. Iverson determined the best diet and supplements to balance my chemistry and I’ve noticed my cravings greatly reduced. I encourage anyone with an addiction of any type to get their chemistry tested.”
F.C. Seattle, WA

“I have been to the ER three times in 2 years for extreme debilitating back pain. It is always the same diagnosis; KIDNEY STONES. The urologist said I was not a candidate for surgery and I chose against the sonic therapy because of its side effects. I saw Dr. Iverson and he put me on a special diet and mineral program. I have returned to the urologist 4 months later and to his surprise the ultrasound showed NO MORE STONES! I am so thankful to Dr. Iverson and the TRILIUM staff.”
C.R. Lakewood, WA

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